Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order photos?
Most of our orders are made through our online ordering system, but orders can also be placed by telephone or through email.

How do I pay for my photographs?
We can accept payment with cash, checks, PayPal, and credit cards. If you would like to pay by check, please keep in mind that we will not print your photos until after we have received the payment. In person payments can be accepted at our office, just call to set up a time.

How long does it take to get my prints?
Turn-around time for printing your photos will generally take between 10-12 days, but often times faster depending on when your order is placed. Customers having their photos mailed to them will need to allow time for shipping.

How long will the photos be online?
We keep smaller sporting events, such as high school games, online for a period of two weeks after the last day of that sports' season, and two months for larger events, such as tournaments. We encourage you to order your photos during this time period.

Why do the images look bad when I try to print them?
The images you see online were resized and edited at a lower resolution, allowing for the galleries to load faster for your viewing. Trying to print these photos yourself results in poor quality images, and makes us look bad. To get true, high-quality images, place an order with Xperience Photography.

Will my print have Xperience Photography written on it?
No. The photos online have the name as a watermark to prevent theft of the images and to show what company took the photo. There may be copyright information on the back of your print, but nothing with appear on the front besides your image.

Can I purchase the photo negatives?
Our equipment is all digital, and therefore there are no negatives.

Can I make copies of the photographs I have purchased?
All images purchased are copyrighted by Xperience Photography, as are all contents and photographic images on our website. If you would like additional copies of your photos, contact us for reprints.

Will my prints be better than the images online?
Images online are displayed in a low resolution file to allow for faster loading, which can result in a somewhat blurry image. The images we use for print are high resolution, high quality photos, and will result in a clear, sharp picture and printed just like a regular photo. Photos will also be tweaked for color and contrast to provide you with the best print possible. 

The photo I am looking at looks blurry. Will it print better?
Maybe. Although the files that are used to print photos have considerably more resolution than the photos you view on screen, blurry images are exactly that. They are either out of focus or motion-blurred. You may ask why we would display blurry images. Usually it is because it is a unique shot or an "almost great" shot and we want people to see it. Sharp photos will be readily apparent and look better the bigger you print them.  Unsharp photos will remain unsharp, and may get worse as they are made bigger. If you have a question about a photo and the quality, don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns.